Top of his game, Bassist Gerry McAvoy has played, recorded and toured with Rory for 20 years, from 1971 to 1991.Gerry has played on every album Rory ever made!

During early February 1971, Gerry received a phone call from Rory Gallagher, asking him if he would like to travel back to London for some rehearsals. This eventually became the first Rory Gallagher Band. Gerry remained with Rory for 20 years 1971-1991, travelling the world and playing what he wanted Rock & Roll and Blues, Rory style. He left Rory in 1991, joining 80’s Punk blues band “Nine Below Zero”This would last another 20 years. In 2012 Gerry formed “Band of Friends” a band which in his own words is a celebration of Rory’s music. Gerry is an amazing musician on stage and his energy supercharges the crowds of fans at every gig. Blues on the Bay are especially exited about this ‘Super group which has been created especially for the Festival.

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